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tv   Democratic National Cmte. Chair Tom Perez  CSPAN  March 11, 2018 1:38pm-2:09pm EDT

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hesitate and i said no. this is my job. i can't do that. i put them in. what i remember about that remember asking their names, and i introduce myself . i wanted to remember them. i wanted to hold them in my mind. i want about woman to be safe. i want their child to be safe. later, i hads forgotten their name. the reason that sticks with me the firsthat is thing, forgetting what makes someone an individual. the democratic national
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committee approved language to reducinghe party the perceived influence of superdelegates. the committee did not announce any specific changes, the next chance to work on that is in the summer. now tom perez speaking to delegates. this runs about 30 minutes. [applause] >> i want to take a moment to thank our hosts here. to the people up who made this day as good as it is? who brought us the weekend and has taken an omission from the supreme court, we are never going to give up, we are going to continue to fight, continue to organize, collective bargaining is what brought us the middle class in this country. when you organize you win.
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thank you to everyone in this room and the labor movement for what you do. that is what is going to make america great. that is what has always made america great. [laughter] folks speaking of the labor movement, i have a friend. any of us have a friend who is here in spirit today. aul booth, he was a champion. he and his wife are a power couple. they have done so much for the labor movement. paul passed away in january, fighting the fight to the very end. i am quite sure there is a labor party meeting in heaven. that is the only reason i can think of why the lord took him. will keep the
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fight up. she has been helping us build the democratic party that works for everyone. we also lost another remarkable colleague who was not only a withtime ally and partner our friends. she worked at the white house. she did so much, she spent her career on the front line of democratic politics, working to elect the first african-american mayor of new york city. they were both trailblazers. in their absence we will have to work twice as hard to organize democrats. you know what? i wanted to take that moment because it is so important. i can't help but note the tragic irony when we were in las vegas, it was in the aftermath of a senseless shooting that occurred
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about a mile or so from our hotel. we are today. tragically, preventively, just a few weeks after another massacre. pleaseuld ask us all to take a moment of silence to pray ourour allies, friends, the mothers and fathers ,f love ones who lost someone the victims in parkland, florida, and for the thousands of americans whose families have been shattered by gun violence. thank you. these moments of silence are important.
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undeniably our thoughts and prayers matter. those brave students at stoneman , thoughtsgh school and prayers are not enough. this is a moment in our history that demands action and moral leadership. i had a chance the other day to speak to someone who demonstrated moral leadership. the ceo of dicks. he was telling me about their process for why they did what they did. , the young people can lead. why could incorporate americo couldn't corporate america lead? they were prepared for the worst. they understood this could have serious economic consequences.
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moral leadership is not about looking at economic consequences. dr. king said the right thing to do the right time. he was wrong in his assessment there would be backlash. have gotten an unrelenting response in the positive from members of the nra included who have said second amendment freedoms and common sense measures can coexist. thank you for your moral leadership. that is what they were saying to him. he said, if the young people can exercise leadership that we can exercise leadership in corporate and if we and if we can do it,y can't elected officials exercise moral leadership? the way to have that happen is to elect more democrats. that is what we are doing. i have been doing my best around
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the nation, everywhere i go, i see moral leadership at work in the democratic party. everywhere i go, i see people fed up with the modern republican party. one -- let'sings one make one thing clear, the party of lincoln has died. the rule of law is in jeopardy. the rule of trump is what is happening all too frequently in washington. up with the party of lincoln or the former republican party. i met those folks who want those elections. they are inspirational. i was speaking to schoolchildren , going to school four days a as your former labor secretary who talked about the future of work. attend a workto summit, someone suggested the is to send your kids to school four days a week.
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that is just morally bankrupt. you know what they are doing it in oklahoma? they have cut their budget to , through the bone, so they can give tax cuts. that is morally bankrupt my friends. i want to say thank you to teachers standing up in west virginia, standing up in ,klahoma, a cue to the nea thank you to everybody who helped those folks. they saw the power of collective action in west virginia, they are going to see the power of collective action in oklahoma, it is not about the teachers, it is about the kids. if you don't pay people, they can survive. this is what it is about, my
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friends. collective action. democrats have their back. in tennessee when i was there. the moral bankruptcy of the republican leadership in themssee, eight count eight rural hospitals in tennessee have been shut down in the last years. because of the ideological refusal of the republican leadership. people like marsha blackburn, the nominee in all likelihood for the senate who is going to lose. aversion togical obama care. ,hey refuse to expand medicaid that is why those hospitals close. --se family surfing
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suffering without opioid addiction have nowhere to go. americanow, in rural these were all hospitals are not only the health, they are the employment of four people who lost their job. bankrupt mylly friends. i had the privilege of being in indiana with the remarkable chair doing great work. that is where we will reelect joe donnelly. , home of the carrier president'ss this promise, i will save your jobs. talk to the workers. the exact opposite has happened. lies, lies, lies. we need a president to his honest and we have gotten the opposite. you go to wisconsin, i got to
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meet martha and her team. you know what? we talk about this tax cut bill and there is a coke brothers people this isl wonderful for america. trickle down economics is a great thing. talk to the employees in wisconsin. got $700 million in tax breaks from the recent tax bill. you know what they did with it? the majority went to stock buyback so they could artificially inflate the value of their stock. with that they do after that? workers, off 5000 including 600 workers in wisconsin alone. that is what they did. that is morally bankrupt my friends. i speak to dreamers all over this country, including one of
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our most recent appointees to a superstar from arizona. she is every bit of american as my three kids. worke going to continue to they have the piece of paper to prove it. we are working together on that folks. this is the moral bankruptcy of the republican party. i am so proud to be a democrat. the people who came up and spoke to you this morning, you saw america at its best. we see it elsewhere, we see it everywhere we go. the work you are doing to elect people day in and day out. this is indeed the most critical stress test on our democracy, perhaps in our nations history. democrats are stepping to the plate to make sure we take back our democracy.
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sincee flipped 39 seats president trump took office. we are winning elections coast to coast, including that remarkable victory and alabama. i want to take the alabama democratic party, the black caucus, i was so proud we have been involved in that case. we know that victory would never have happened without the organizing power down there and without african american women as the backbone of the democratic already. 98% to voted for doug jones. octoberou recall last when of the videos we had. a video about doug. he was not on the map as much. i wanted to make sure he was on --r map that last thought october. he is the real deal. we field excellent candidates. we had doug jones fighting for
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good jobs, we have right more fighting the culture war. you know what? that is how we win. i am so proud of the work i saw in texas. the enthusiasm for democrats in texas. it is remarkable. the 50 biggest counties, early voting saw a 100% increase from 2014 and for the first time since 2002 more than one million democrats cast ballots and the texas midterm primaries. that is remarkable. wholy half the candidates finished in the democratic primaries were women. they are poised to become the as to serveexas latino in congress.
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those numbers ought to scare the heck out of rafael cruz. i will tell you, democrats are back in a big way. ohio has had the zone. so many others are flooding the zone. south dakota is organizing. so many others, we should never take any voter for granted, we should always build those relationships. anare proud to provide innovation granted we went all in in virginia. thank you to the virginia folks and everybody else who was there. for genia taught us we could win, alabama taught us we could win everywhere. thank you so much. we should be giving a shout out to some of the heroes as well. our colleagues at the democratic municipal officials. dcc, ouragues at the colleagues at the governors association. i am proud of the work we do.
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every output is important. i am proud to work with all of them. by the way, my good friend john kerry is now presiding over new jersey and they no longer have chris christie. there with to be up you mr. chairman, we lifted up democrats across the board. t, hemurphy is kicking but is taking back those progressive values. it is not just him. i remember going to new jersey with the chairman. and the morestate conservative parts of that state. the 11th district, there was a you saidould say what to yourself after all of these speakers. the sky has game. he wasn't supposed to win, ins in that
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district. that israel were work. i was in washington state last week. transformed the state legislature in washington state. how is it so, you may ask? they flipped the state. they were able to finally take up and pass & is series of sweeping voting rights reform that the republicans have been able to stymie for years. we believe that all eligible voters should be able to cast the right to vote. the republicans don't. they want to make it harder for people to vote. that is what they have done for years. until theton state, democrats were elected. i must give a shout out to my
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friend who helped us raise the money in washington state so we could support him. we are investing in these places. i am so excited about our victory in kentucky. a district that donald trump won by 49 points. it carried linda belcher to a six-point victory, i don't understand that. do understand people finally figured out donald trump is bad for them. that is what is going on. we are winning, you know what it's equally important, we are winning the right way. i like to thank my friend said democrats abroad. they have been helping us win. new hampshire and 2016, north 2016, you look at how many democrats are broadcasting to vote. they were difference makers. we are winning the right way by getting everyone involved. digester in the united states
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but quite literally around the world. i will be going to the u.k. so we can have a conversation abroad. we're putting our values in action. that is why we are winning. these are those historic victories in virginia. 15 white guys from the republican party who are now replacedlegate members by 11 women, including the first and the first openly transgender member. ,he first asian-american woman they all one for one simple reason. they are all spectacular candidates. that is what we are doing folks. even in the races where we fell short, we saw massive swings in democratic support. we invested in that congressional map in montana. we didn't get to the mountaintop. i am proud of our investment grade if that -- that is going
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to pay dividends in 2018. the montana party is taking advantage of that infrastructure. the same thing in south carolina. democrats can win in south carolina. jamie knows that because jimmy has done that. we have seen the progress. the best evidence of our progress is our good friend steve bannon. after alabama he said the dnc , you have tog job give the devil his due. when steve said that, i will take it. you know you are doing something right. talk a lot about how we outraised the democrats, that is a dog story.
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you know what happened in 2006? we took over the house of raise moreives, we money last year than we did in 2015, 2013, 2007, 2005, we did that this right we were shut down effectively. winning because, you know what, as i have said repeatedly they are morally bankrupt. they are spending their money to help roy moore and alabama. do you know where the lion's share of the money will go? the donald trump legal defense fund. those bills are piling up my friend. i am excited. we have some unfinished business that we are about to get to. i think it is important. everything we have been doing has been about not just rebuilding the infrastructure across the state. it is about rebuilding and
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regain the trust of voters. we have to do both. everything each day if it's around those goals of rebuilding our infrastructure and regaining that trust. we have so many people who share our values. , ourially young people largest constituency. and that is why we continue to work, that is why we will pick up, as soon as i'm done, the rules and reports of the committee. i want to thank all the members of the reform commission who are here. i want to say thank you to all the members of the rules and bylaws committee who have been working tirelessly. your work has been so important. not the report says, and a shell, that will be coming to your consideration -- in a nutshell, that will be coming to
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your consideration, that the status quo is not enough. have voters that if we want to regain their trust we have to communicate. regain, if we want to their trust, we have to communicate. it's a roadmap that is not going to land in a political graveyard. that we will put into action. the report is not lip service. i think it's a public service. paper to a shredder, it's a blueprint to action. mentor in politics taught me that politics, in many --pects, is about a you have to have not just the right values, but you have to have the capacity and
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demonstration that you can earn their trust. we will gett through it. and i'm confident we will reach of reaching 50 million voters are you thank you, larry, thank you, so many other people who i saw working tirelessly into the night last night. i felt so guilty walking out at a restaurant at 10:30, having just had a beer, and a c those folks having walked out of there committee. i hadn't eaten all day so i was getting a little squeamish. we are all in this together. you whenat it's about we have communicated our values, that is what we are doing. our unity is our greatest strength. agents always been the
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of positive gain. we have always been those .arriors of progress whether it is from the local level or the national level, we are unstoppable. we have always had everybody's backs. and everybody fighting to ensure that our secretary of education. we will always have the backs of andcarrier workers kimberly-clark employees and others who have been betrayed by this president. we will always have the backs of our tribes fighting against trump infringement. we will always have the backs of our fellow americans with disabilities.
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we will always have the backs of our union brothers and sisters. we will always have the backs of women who deserve equal pay and a right to make their own health care decision. we will always have the back of the people in flint and elsewhere who want and deserve and are entitled to clean air and water. of our have the back lgbtq americans, who deserve fully quality. backs oflways have the our veterans, who served the nation with dedication only to come home and face injustice. we have always been the party of working families who need health care, who are struggling with opioid addiction, and who want a
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party that believes that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few. until elections day. those who know me, they size they saw a sign starting in 2015 that saw 392 days until the weekend. i live every day with a sense of urgency. when you lose your dad at 12 and your mom was sick before your dad died and your mom got sick after your dad dad died, it gives you a sense of urgency. vertical is a day you have to live with a sense of urgency.
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you know what, we have to be nonstop, we have to make sure these 240 days, we are fighting for the people who don't have a voice. we can't focus on these little things. we have to focus on the big things. we have to have that urgency so we win in november and take it on to 2020. weekend.until the it should be in every field office across america. let's do this. [applause] an dish in a recent interview, former white house communications director anthony scaramucci talked about the trump presidential campaign, politics, and his time at the white house. discussion from
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the university of southern california institute of politics here on c-span. >> today at 6 p.m. eastern, on american history tv's american artifacts, political art -- political cartoonist, his career spanned 72 years, governing presidents from herbert hoover to george w. bush. see the largest collection from his work the library of congress. >> one of the missions is to document the creativity and intelligence of the american people. mark of a free society that we can gather opinions with which we do not agree and collect them and preserve them for future generations. there are a lot of countries in the world where nobody dares do that.
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opinions variety of and a variety of cartoonists. mr. bloch is just a great example of one of the artists we collected. artifactsmerican today at 6 p.m. eastern on c-span three. >> on tuesday former vice president joe biden campaigned in the pittsburgh area for democratic u.s. house candidate connor -- this was held by former republican congressman -- who resigned in october following revelations of an extra matter just extramarital affair.


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